MonsterBall League is a Master 1 school project made at the ENJMIN (French national video game school).

The pitch is quite simple : a 2 vs 2 sport game where the ball is a monster that can get angry being played with and then transforms itself to throw the players into their own goal.

The rule our school gave us was this one : to create an interactive experience that anyone could play within 10 minutes. For our final exam, the game would be played in front of an audience by unknown people without any possible instructions from us.

That’s why we wanted to keep the gameplay and controls as simple as possible. We also decided to include a Twitter feed at the bottom of the stadium to make the audience participate in the show.

The game as been made in less than 3 months by 6 people (and 4 students were working on 2 projects at the same time).

Besides pitching the idea, what I did for this project was mainly game design and programming (which includes the Twitter feed integration). I really learned a lot in every aspect of a game creation because we were a small team and had to work on many things. I also improved a lot with Unity3D.

MBL was Finalist for the Ping Awards 2015 and Game Critics (Montpellier In Game) 2015 as Best Student Project.

  • Project Type: Student game with Unity3D
  • Originality: The ball is alive
  • Author: Ludovic GERAERT, Vincent SWAENEPOEL, Nicolas MAHIEU, Kévin ORNON, Justin GUILBERT, Aurélien PICOLET
  • Date: 06/2015
  • Download on