This is the 4th game I released. It was made in one week for the Flappy Jam.

Try it, you just have to jump over the flappy birds.

You can swap between two characters : a heavy man and a light lady. Try swapping while in the air to see how they respond to gravity.

Even if the gameplay is simple, you’ll have to master the swap to get a high score !

The game is also playable on website with an integrated leaderboard !

It’s now available on Facebook too :

With this game, I used for the first time a great framework : Phaser.

For this game jam, the rules were :

Make a hard, almost unplayable game

Use assets inspired (not ripped) from classics

FLAPPY word or gameplay not mandatory

Have fun, be supportive. Hate must not win

I made the graphic assets myself, inspired from two things to match the jam rules : the shapes of Flappy Bird assets and the exact colors of the NES palette, particularly the Super Mario Bros one. The two characters are also a reference to this NES classic.

The GitHub repository of this game is here :