Yaltan is the second game I made to practice only HTML5/Javascript and try a new input method (the game is playable on touchscreen devices).

I wanted this time to make a pure puzzle game with original mechanics.

Retrospectively I realized that the rules are way too hard to explain to make a good game. But once you understand how it works, it’s a really nice puzzle game, don’t give up!

Link to play : http://aurelienpicolet.com/external/games/yaltan.html

Controls : Use the mouse or touch the screen to select the square you want to move on the grid or to select the movement countdown (in the top-left corner) you want to use.

Rules :

  • Remove all the squares while scoring enough to get to the next level. The objective is indicated by “Obj” in red at the top.
  • There are 3 ways to remove a square : the square number reaches 10, the square number reaches 0 or the square is part of a block of squares of which at least one square reached 10.
  • The maximum movement you can move a square is indicated by the countdown with a red border.
  • The arrow in the countdown shows in which direction the movement will make all the numbers increase (you can think this rule as the way the time passes and the numbers as real countdowns).
  • You can change the countdown you’re using at anytime you want.
  • Only two countdowns are visible at the same time in the top-left corner. If there are more than two, the others are available when one runs out.
  • Points are calculated when a square reaches 10 for all the squares that make a block with it. The calculation is : (sum of all the numbers in the block) X (number of squares in the block).